Catalysis – a change management program for young managers

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This is a workshop especially designed for Managers who aspire to be successful in their role. The workshop provides them all the gear needed to become a Successful Manager. It touches upon all areas of inter-dependencies that, if managed well will surely make them a roaring success – Self, Team, Organization & Customer. This workshop will provide them with greater appreciation of why and how to build capabilities that will be of help them succeed. It suggests some practical and simple best practices that will be of great benefit. The flow of the program seamlessly transitions through different sections and inter-weaves with each other, thus indicating that no process / practice can be viewed as a stand-alone. It will have to be viewed from a holistic perspective to gain maximum benefit. The modules contain an apt mix of concept dissemination and audience engagement so as to ensure experiential learning through case studies, role plays, panel discussions, best practice sharing etc.

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