Mass Recruitment-Jana Pariksha

Understanding Base of the Pyramid Recruitment

Recruiting Base of the Pyramid manpower in large numbers is a significant and a challenging process for any organisation. One has to have a strategic approach in deciding the kind of manpower that may best suit the specific organisation whether it is at the shop-floor, retail outlet, frontline sales force or back end data processors.

Whether to choose Graduates, Diploma Holders, ITI’s or School Leaving Certificate Holders is a matter of a key decision that will in many ways determine the efficiency and productivity of the workforce and their stability within the system. Making the right choice in terms of qualification, experience, social and locational backgrounds, right gender mix and age is crucial for determining the success of the organisation.

BuildHr has rich experience in partnering with a number of large organisations, in being part of the strategic team in determining their base of the pyramid that would suit best the culture of the organisation as well as its business plan.

Design and Implementation

BuildHr has expertise in designing the entire recruitment process for the BoP recruitment right from designing the Aptitude Tests, Psycho Diagnostic Tests, Technical Tests including determining the selection criteria and the competency assessment tools for such recruitment. The entire implementation of the BoP recruitment is done by BuildHr right from

  • Identifying and Sourcing.
  • Organizing walk-in drives and ensuring the footfalls.
  • Designing and administering tests: IQ tests, Numerical ability, Language skills, Thinking skills, Learning skills, Mechanical reasoning, Safety etc.
  • Designing and administering tests: Psycho Diagnostic tests(PDT), Manual Dexterity tests, Finger Dexterity tests etc.
  • Designing and administering Group Activities.
  • Designing and administering Endurance tests.
  • Conducting assessment centres with appropriate psychometric tools to test behavioural competencies.
  • Facilitating HR interview and enabling selection.
  • Offering pre and post recruitment services.

Induction Programme Design and Delivery

BuildHr also specializes in designing the suitable induction programme for the new recruits in order to prepare them to face the job and understand the culture of the organisation and also the performance requirements.

These programmes are used to teach the work etiquettes, desirable work behaviour, understanding the organisational requirements, Basic 5S and safety and the importance of communication and team work.