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Zoho Recruit is dedicating this particular milestone to our big, happy recruiting family. It is out-of-this-world to be a part of the recruitment industry and understand the impact a career like this can make. It is one that is growing on you, too.
By offering an integrated Saas Candidate Monitoring Program, Zoho Recruit eliminates the need for disparate instruments. The automated workflow streamlines the recruitment process across. It makes the recruiting process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Key Features of Zoho Recruits
To help you get a better idea of its capabilities, here are some of the major benefits that Zoho Recruit has to offer:

Automated Recruitment Processes
Recruitment efforts include a variety of back-office and front-office functions. You need to make sure you get your candidates from reputable sources, post job openings on the correct platforms, compile candidate data and the list continues.
Using Zoho Recruit, you can automate a huge chunk of these processes, so you can focus more on responsibilities that require attention. You can program the software with its customizable tools to automate data input, instantly update interview schedules, consolidate candidate information and tackle other tedious and repetitive recruitment tasks.

Simplified Candidate Assessments
Perhaps one of the most time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process is compiling the important information of your candidates for assessments. Using the candidate pages tool, you can look at complete applicants’ profiles at a glance without having to sift through piles of documents. With this, you will immediately see his name, profiles, contact data (email, phone, address), and social links.

Faster Application Filtering
Zoho Recruit is very good at helping clients to hire effectively since it works on the basis of previously inserted values to which each applicant should respond. It will be automatically withdrawn if the recruiter does not wish to look into it in detail. Zoho Recruit must ensure that the position must surface at all important locations and work boards and that it will inevitably come across quality applicants.

Centralized Applicant Database
After hiring a candidate, you may then automatically feed their information into a centralized applicant database for easier onboarding and performance monitoring. Zoho Recruiter will manage candidates and current employees on your behalf, using their information stored in your database. As it is cloud-based, you can get it up and running immediately, and look forward to the fact seamlessly.

Key benefits of using Zoho Recruit:
● Easy Job Posting and Smart Sourcing.
● Applicant Tracking.
● Collaborate with team members.
● Manage Clients and Contacts.
● Stay on top of your company’s recruiting activities​.
● Communicate to your team from within Zoho Recruit and keep them up-to-date.

Since companies have specific business demands, it is practical that they steer clear of subscribing to the ”best” solution. However, it is difficult to come across such an app even among well-known software products. The practicable thing to undertake would be to note down the different main factors which demand deliberation such as important features, prices, technical skill capability of the employees.

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