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Business Process Mapping and Improvement

Process mapping is an extremely powerful diagnostic tool that can support any organisation in a huge way. BuildHr has expertise in mapping and analysing business processes that can support you:

  • Find process related issues.
  • Uncover structural problems, system disconnects and people issues.
  • Support you to eliminate the root causes of quality, cost, timeliness issues.
  • Support the management to drive the organisation to next level of performance.

We work on all facets of business operations to reengineer with fundamental rethinking and radical redesigning of business processes to optimize performance. We assist the organisation in giving them better visibility of their current process performance, current limitations/ bottlenecks and an insight and understanding to improve processes.


We have developed a comprehensive methodology which embraces our experience and industry good practices by understanding:

  • What the end customer needs and expects.
  • What are the business requirements– current and future.
  • Report on the as-is process.
  • Root cause analysis with the concerned members of the organisation and support in arriving at solutions.
  • Enable process improvements by eliminating non value adding steps and define new value adding steps.
  • Define measures of process performance and control mechanisms.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is an effective method of using a company’s resources in an optimum way. It will help to simplify and organise your working environment so that you can reduce waste, and keep your people, equipment, and workspace responsive to what’s needed right now.

Although the elimination of waste may seem like a simple and clear subject, it is noticeable that waste is often very conservatively identified. This then hugely reduces the potential of such an aim.

We follow a unique way in implementing lean with analysis on Lean tools and concepts. We facilitate our clients to define the Lean Path and Lean Enterprises model to be applied according to their company structure. We ensure the implementation and sustenance of lean by:

  • developing in-house Lean Practitioners to work on Waste elimination (Muda), Radical Improvement and continuous incremental improvement (Kaizen).
  • creating Visual workplace with lean manufacturing.
  • addressing interdependencies across enterprise levels to increase lean value.

Six Sigma Approach and Training

In this contemporary era, the increasing expectation of customers, unsparing competition and product complexity forces companies to find new cost effective solutions and better alternatives to improve the quality of their products.

Six Sigma at many organisations simply means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects (driving toward six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit) in any process–from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

Our Six Sigma intervention methodology in particular provides one of the best training and solutions to many problems critical to the business and can be used as an accelerator in industry and business.

Our systematically structured Six Sigma methodology is easily adoptable and flexible in nature. With our close hand holding techniques, the DMAIC process is infused with our client’s process to sustain and achieve continuous improvements with high focus on waste eliminations and minimizing Cost of Poor Quality.

Total Quality Management

TQM is a customer driven management process that engages every employee to work towards success by improving the processes, products, services and culture. Every company that desires a culture where its employees are ever improving their abilities and increasingly deliver high-quality products and services will do Total Quality Management (TQM).

We bring in the required basic supporting elements in Structure, Systems and Culture for the Total Quality Approach and Performance..

  • Creating the simple and effective structure aligning the overall business objectives.
  • Facilitating relevant techniques like SPC, FMEA and Capability study etc, to achieve continuous improvement.
  • Providing system with good communication and continuous scrutiny on processes for waste elimination.

We work as a change agent to create a Total Quality environment with every activity having a set of processes, adding to the Quality of the Business and ensuring universal participation with high degree of focus on Customer needs.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally.

Supply Chain Management co-ordinates between different plants of the same company to improve the performance of individual companies and the supply chain as a whole.

BuildHr’s SCM intervention program has been designed to work with operational activities like procurement, production planning, logistics planning, sales& distribution planning, customer service and strategic activities like demand forecasting, inventory and vendor management, SCM network optimization, and product/process re-design for SCM.

By analysing the uncertainties linked with the supply and services, we facilitate our clients to formulate the supply chain strategy aligning with Clients Business strategy and to work on supply chain modelling by leveraging the business environment as well as equip our clients team with skills to assume greater responsibilities with proper Performance Measure.

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