Executive Recruitment-Pariksha


“Right person at the right position on time makes all the difference in organisational performance”. In our experience with our clients where we render strategic and developmental HR services on a long term basis we find that the major issue in making the growth happen in business is not technology or funds but a robust human resource.

Certain gaps in terms of vacancies or wrong fitments at the crucial positions in the organisation become a major setback in maintaining the pace of organisation’s growth.

Executive recruitment wing of BuildHr has thus become a separate vertical where the recruitment team is fully involved in

  • In-depth study of specific industry, company and Job Description.
  • Dialoguing with the client and understanding the keys details of the job that is unique to the client.
  • Sourcing through various media including in-house database, portals and social networks.
  • Specific headhunting whereever required.
  • Dialoguing with candidates and matching specific needs of the client with that of the individual and inspiring suitable candidates.
  • Lining up interviews, coordination and follow up with candidates and clients until they get selected till the time they join the new company.